Les suffixes

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What is a suffix? It is a little element added to the end of a word.
Every language has suffixes in order to change the nature of a word in order to give him different meaning.
Let's see French suffixes.

-eur, -euse Name Tracteur, patineuse,
-tion, -son, -ure Feminine name Admiration, trahison, déchirure,
-isme Opinion Idéalisme, royalisme
-iste Supporter of an opinion Activiste, empiriste
-eur, -er, -ien, -iste Agent of an action Chauffeur, boulanger, garagiste,
-ain, -ais, -ois, -ien Inhabitant of a region Français, Strasgourgeois, Parisien,
-esse Behaviour Gentillesse, délicatesse,
-ant Present participle or adjective Courant, souriant
-able, -ible Capacity of undergo an action Buvable, potable, lisible
-al, -el Which come from Nasal, naturel, éternel
-eur, -eux, -if, -in Who has the character of Craintif, courageux, voleur

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