indefinite adjectives

17 oct. 2017 10:00 - atelier

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Every language has its own indefinite adjectives which are pretty much the same as indefinite pronouns. They are used to give a vague idea of quantity.
Of course, between French and English, some shades are lost throughout translation. However, it is always good to know every one of them.
Let's see them

Aucun(e)(s) None Chaque Every
Autre(s) Others Plusieurs Many
Certain(e)(s) Some
Différent(e)(s) Different
Divers(e)(s) Various
Maint(e)(s) Many
Même(s) Same
Nul(le)(s) Null
Quelconque(s) Any
Tout(e)(s) / Tous All
Quelque(s) Some
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