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What is an adverb? It a word that precise a verb an adjective or another adverb.
However there are different types of adverbs. Let's see them:

1. Manners adverbs:
They usually finish in -ment. They express the manner in which the things are done:
ex: calmement, rapidement, heureusement

2. Time adverbs:
This is a type of adverbs that precise the temporal setting of an action.
Ex: hier, longtemps, demain, souvent, quelquefois

3. Location adverbs:
This type of adverb precises the location of the actions.
Ex: auprès, autour, loin, proche, en haut

4. The adverbs of order and ranking adverbs
This type of adverb is used to talk about the order of things.
Ex: premièrement, secondement, troisièmement

5. Quantity adverbs
This type of adverbs is used to talk about the quantity of things.
Ex: moins, plus, davantage, autant, beaucoup

6. Comparison adverbs
Adverbs used to compare things.
Ex: de même, moins, presque, mieux

7. Other adverbs
There are some adverbs that cannot be ranked
Ex: alors, ensuite, aussi, puis
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